The #Sathyabama University #Firefox Student Ambassadors took an initiative for the project KidZilla 1.0.

Why KidZilla?

It was after volunteering for Mozilla, that I now found time as well as ideas on how to start on an initiative that was once left over at some point by me. There formed the KidZilla project.
Me and a wonderful team of 13 other volunteers went to the SFS School in Kelambakkam, Chennai on the 8th of February.

We all reached Kelambakkam by 9:40 am in the morning. There were 13 of us in total; 7 boys and 6 girls.
The team that came along with me are:


Since the initiative is based on schools, there were volunteers in the team who could speak different languages.
We had covered Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi,Marathi and Gujarati.

At around 9:50 am, the Father who was the principal of the school sent the bus to pick us from the bus stop.We all got in and started discussing about how to get started.

As we reached the school, we saw the Father standing there to welcome us inside. He introduced himself as Father Simon. He then took us to the classroom where the students were assembling to attend our session.



As the students got in, We asked the teacher whether they actually had classes on Saturdays and she says that almost all Saturdays they have classes and that it’s a half day till 12:30.


Me and my team tried to get the internet connection working there.


Meanwhile, we still worried about the language.We asked Jerald to ask them in Tamil whether they wanted to be taught in Tamil or English.


Everyone echoed, “ENGLISH!”
That was a really great moment. Shreyas immediately started off with the session by asking them the very basics about a computer like Who invented the Computer? What are Computers used for? What is the difference between a Desktop and a Laptop?

We noticed that a group of boys from the back were answering really well.


We enquired about the strength of the class and the teachers told us that there were about 100+ students from 5th,6th and 7th grade.
Damini told them about what is Hardware and Software. The students were really interested in listening about the interesting things computers could do.


Shreyas then explained them about Networks (LAN,MAN,WAN). We then started asking the kids about the different browsers they knew about. We went around with our laptops and asked the kids to recognize the browsers. Some pointed Firefox and few pointed Chrome. We were all happy that they knew Firefox. The kids from 5th std also knew about Firefox.

12390739865_613e741571_c 12390841843_64180ddda8_c

Then, it was break time for the Kids. Meanwhile we decided to split ourselves into 3 groups, So that we could give individual guidance to the kids.The first group consisted of Shreyas,Damini,Grace and Jayanth.


Second one had Myself,Shashank,Kanimozhi and Monisha.



The last one had Achyuth,Anita,Jerald,Jaya and Satya.


The common topics that were covered in all the classes were:
What is a Computer?
What is the difference between hardware and software?
What is a network and what are the types?
What is internet and how is it useful?
What is operating system?
What is email?
What are web browsers?
How to do a google search?
What is HTML?
How do you create a webpage?

12390500405_ec5d8d6b77_c 12390616223_6bb8ec9805_c 12390658513_0115aa29f8_c

All the classes were taught to practically design their own basic webpage within the limited time we had.
We taught them the basic HTML tags using real life examples such as head, body etc.Shreyas also told them the difference between Firefox and IE, Mozilla and Microsoft.

Lastly, we gave everyone lots of swags and firefox and webmaker goodies. They were all so happy.We had also given special gifts like badges to those who were answering well in our class and they were proudly displaying them.We also gave some goodies to the teachers and the Principal too. They were all really happy that students like us were taking up such an initiative and told us to come and conduct more activities there.


The principal invited us to have some refreshments inside. We all had a good time discussing about the outcomes of the initiative as well as the drawbacks.


We asked the Father to write an honest review with suggestions to improve and mail us when he gets time.
Since it was a very small school, they had only two school buses and we went in with the students.

Father Simon


We then went back in the school bus along with the kids. All of u had an moment close to our heart when the kids started asking for our autograph. All of us were surprisingly happy as that was an awesome moment for us. We had no words to express our feelings.12390496973_83666ba901_c 12390528083_414e2c16e5_c

And Now i would like to give my special thanks to Shreyas, who has always been as a guide especially for me and the others too. He leads the team in a manner which makes everyone feel special. Thanks to Jerald, who took an initiative to speak to the father of the school about this Event.

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