Web Literacy event by MozNirma Club

After a great grand inauguration of MozNirma, it was time for them to flagship a Web Literacy event. A week after inauguration Jayneel, the club lead of MozNirma had called me up and said that they are planning for Web Literacy event in the first week of March 2017.

So now it was my turn to guide them on how they can kick start the Web Literacy campaign. Since I was aware about how to start on this event I gave them an example of KidZilla event which we have conducted during our college days, so that they will get an basic idea on how to plan, which age group they are going to target and what are the topics they are gone teach them etc… After giving an incite about KidZilla event he had now got an idea on how to start and were to start.

So he called up a meeting with his core team to decide the curriculum for the event after having a detailed discussion  and planning on this he and his team start share this idea within their college students and I was surprised when Jayneel told me that he has got ~65 volunteers who are interested to contribute and share their knowledge.

They went to different places like orphanages, Old age homes etc, were they taught about the importance of Internet in today’s world, pseudo Internet Services, Web etc..

It was great to see these many volunteers coming together and sharing the knowledge what else can be better to see this things happening but unfortunately, since I was helping them out remotely from Chennai you can understand what I felt after seeing the pics of the event but yea I was so proud of Jayneel and his team for organizing such event in Ahmedabad would love to see many more event from Jayneel and his team.

Jayneel and Team great job looking forward for more and more Web Literacy events from you guys……………………….. (y)

Below are the few pics from the event.


Places visited by volunteers:

  1. Hiramani Old Age Home.
  2. KanyaGruh.
  3. Manav Charitra Charitable Trust.
  4. JeevanSandhya Old Age Home.
  5. Senior Citizen Association of Ahmedabad.


Below are the blog links from club lead and womoz lead from Nirma:

Jayneel: https://jayneelatmozilla.wordpress.com/2017/03/18/web-literacy-program/

Shriya: https://shriyaformozilla.wordpress.com/2017/03/22/web-literacy-program/

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