Inauguration of Mozilla Nirma Chapter

Its been long time that I haven’t posted anything so here I come up with my new blog post and it gives you an inside on how the Mozilla Nirma chapter started.

I don’t know how all it started but if I am right then it was around mid November 2k16 on one fine day when I was getting ready for my office all of sudden someone
pinged me on telegram say he has been passive member of Firefox group and he haven’t had any opportunity to participate or be an element in the chunk and asking
me to help him out to getting into the lime light and be an active member and interact with all techwizard people.

After seeing his message I immediately replied back saying “yea sure definitely I would love to help you out” and before proceeding further I want him to introduce himself since many random pings kept on coming at that particular point since the previous month(October 2k16) only I had conducted the Maker Party in Gujarat so there were many ping which kept on coming so that it was a time to get him know what he is up to these days and as well as I wanted to know till what extend he had an idea about the community which will help me out to short the thing and brief him about the community. After asking few question to him I didn’t know the time and all of sudden I got a call from my cab driver saying that he is waiting for me to board a cab so that he can drop me to office until then I pinged him and said that I am getting late for office and requested him to answer all the above question and I will ping you back once I reach office.

Until I reached office he have answered all the queries which I had asked him and he was waiting for my reply. when I was going throw his ping he introduced himself as “Jayneel Vora” a 2nd year student of Computer Engineering from Nirma University which is one of the famous deemed university in Ahmedabad and now he was looking to work in the open source arena in near future.

So now I got a clear idea on how to brief him about the Mozilla community and its moto, so I told him can we have the discussion on the same late in the evening since I was got struck with my office work so I asked him to ping me at around 7pm in the evening. He replied back saying sure I will ping you back at around 7pm and I started my work with the couple of meetings to be attended in the evening. Until I complete my office work at around 8pm I got ping from Jayneel saying if I am free or not. I told yes I am free let start a discussion on the same, the first question he asked me was “So how do I get involved with?” I told him there are lot of ways were you can start involving into this, since I had a clear idea about him and now it was my time to walk through him on how he can get started with and as I was answering his query I got call from my manager asking me to come at his desk since he wanted to discuss with me related to project,so I immediately ping him saying  I have to go now since my manager had called to discuss on project related stuff and I asked him if he is available for a hangout call at around 10pm and I know I kept him waited for the whole day to brief him about the Mozilla community and their contribution area but at that same time I was feeling very bad since I kept on waiting him for the whole day. So I request him to forgive me for keeping him waited for whole day and I told what ever it may be we will have call at around 10pm for sure. He immediately replied back saying that’s ok no worries I will be waiting for you.

As soon as I reached home I immediately pinged Jayneel asking him to come online on hangout since i didn’t wanted to waste anytime after keeping him wait for a long time and in sometime I got reply saying he is online and now it was time to jump to hangout to have quick call to brief him about Mozilla community and how he can start contributing. As soon as we started the call I quickly gave a description on how Mozilla community and its moto and immediately started briefing him about campus club program, club captain training and year plan submission in detail.Once I gave detailed briefing about the community I told him that I will be sending an mail with all the important link which he need to go throw and start his campus club training and after that we had a 5-10min casual chat and we ended the call. As soon as the call ended I drafted the mail to Jayneel with detailed information on how to register under campus club and how he can start club captain training.

After few days I just pinged Jayneel to take follow up about his club captain training he told me that it is almost done and now he needs to submit the year plan until he submit his year plan he started reaching out their college faculty to get permissions to inaugurate the Mozilla Club in the University. After couple of day once again Jayneel started reaching out to faculty to get an update about the Mozilla club in Nirma and its was great to see the same enthusiasm in faculty as well and they agreed to inaugurate the Mozilla club in the University as soon as possible so the other students will come to know about Mozilla moto and their mission. So until then Mehul in Gujarat was planning to have a Mozcafe to help new contributors, as soon as I got this info from Mehul I asked Jayneel to attend that particular Mozcafe which will help him to clarify all his doubts before he starts a Mozilla Nirma chapter and also I asked him to take his friends if anyone is interested to join the Mozcafe since we had Mehul one of the Rep who developed Mozilla Gujarat chapter so to short out all his queries and he asked if I am going to be there at the event I told him that no I will not be available since I was in Chennai and was working remotely for Mozilla Gujarat community . At that particular point Jayneel was like I don’t know anyone over there how would I go simply without knowing anyone over there. I told him not worry since the people who were attending that Mozcafe would love to meet you and help you out to solve all your queries and ever one over there are bindaas(Chill) guys, so don’t worry just go ahead and attend the Mozcafe I will inform Mehul about you so just chill.

So now it was time for Mozcafe I dont know the exact date when it was as you all know I am very bad at remembering the dates so excuse me for that!!! 😛 were all the new contributes reached venue including Jayneel were once again Mehul briefed them about Mozilla and contribution area in detail and he solved all the queries which new contributors had and Jayneel now had a clear idea on what to do next and how to proceed further.Once the Mozcafe completed I pinged Jayneel to take follow up about the meeting what all discussion had happen etc..After taking follow up with Jayneel I called Mehul and took the follow up about the Mozcafe and how it all went.

After that I asked Jayneel to start writing blogs on each event he conduct or attend so that he will have detailed documentation on each events and after couple of days he pinged me and informed me that he has completed the club captain training and have submitted his year plan. And now its was time to get in action, he started forming his core team in Nirma Universtiy were he had arranged a meeting with his core team to brief everyone about Mozilla Nirma chapter and get started with chapter.

To know more about the core team meeting visit the below blog post link

The MozNirma team was waiting for directors approval to set up a inaugural function of Mozilla Nirma by the time they get approval I got in touch with Mehul asking him to go to inaugural function of Mozilla Nirma chapter he assured me that he will definitely go their and inaugurate Mozilla Nirma chapter.

After 3-4 days I got a call from Jayneel saying that inauguration date got fixed and it is on 13th February 2017. As soon I got the info from Jayneel I informed Mehul since he has to go for inaugural function of Mozilla Nirma chapter and he told me that he will be out of station on that particular day since he has his personal work scheduled at particular time and he told me he will send Moin Saikh one of the core contributor of Mozilla Gujarat community.

So immediately Mehul informed the same to Moin and he confirmed that he will go for the inauguration function and now the time has arrived its was 13th February 2017 when Mozilla Nirma chapter started to know more about the inauguration event please visit the below blog post link to know more about inauguration function.

After the inauguration MozNirma club started contributing to the open source in different ways by conduction web literacy event, cyber security events etc.. and many more to come. Below are the links of blog post for the events which all have been conducted by MozNirma and team, Request you to go throw all the link.

I know everyone is bored after studying this long blog post but sorry cant help i don’t have any clicks to post as I worked remotely from Chennai to help Jayneel to form a club in his college but will make sure in the next blog post I definitely have clicks 😛

Let me check the social media platform if I can find any pics for you all first lets start with one of popular social media platform Facebook . And finally I found some pics in fb that’s why I love to be active on social media ❤ below are the few clicks which I found on Mozilla Gujarat page.

And how come its possible to end the event without having a group pic and some how I was able to find the group pic as well.



Stay tuned for more updates  I will be back soon with a new blog post until then byeeeeeeee!!!  ❤

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