Firefox Os Hackathon at Srm University

It was on 8th of august i was on my way to room from college it was very hot climate. I started packing my luggage so that i can reach venue by 9:30pm.As soon as i completed packing luggage i saw the dark clouds coming on and it was about to rain so I started walking swiftly towards bus stop so that i can catch the bus before it starts raining. On my way towards bus stop in the middle it started raining and stood under a small canteen which was there near by for almost 1hour i was standing and it was getting late then i called my roommate to come with umbrella so that he can drop me to bus stop.He came to that canteen were i was standing from there we both went bus stop and i got inside of the bus.
Once i got inside the bus i called Shashank who is a Webmaker Supermentor and informed him that i have started from my place and we both met at tamabaram railway station.We took the tickets and we started walking towards the train all of sudden i saw two of my junior who were also on their way to srm university for the event.We got the train which goes to srm university.Once we got down at srm university i called naresh(mozilla rep) who was waiting for us in-front of srm university from there we met organizers of the event.After meeting them we all went for dinner and we started to discuss how to startoff the things tomorrow and what to do and what not to do.After having dinner we went to our rooms were the rooms were allocated for us to stay.Once we reached room we started planning the agenda for the event how we are going to startoff the things.
It was a bright sunny day with and all the participants gathering at the venue.
Registration disk
We reached the venue before 10minutes so that we can arrange things.Actually there were two parallel session in which one auditorium was handled by Myself(Webmaker mentor, Reviewer for Telugu localization),Achyuth(Webmaker supermentor),Naresh(Mozilla Rep),Jerald & Sachin Singh.

Myself and Achyuth started off the session with one of my all time favourite game Spectogram.Once the spectorgram completed i started off with FOSS and what it was about. why foss? who makes the foss? what can foss do? i gave them clear cutt-off of foss.Once i completed Achyuth took the session on mozilla and its product and also he told about how to contribute and stuff.

Once the introduction was over Achyuth immediately started the webmaker session were he explained about webmaker tools(X-ray googles,Thimble & popcorn).Once he completed explaining all the 3 tools we told them to do remixes and we told them to submit by night 10pm.Some of them started creating popcorn videos,some started with X-ray googles and some started with thimble and it was almost lunch time and everyone went for lunch.

The next session started around 1:30pm. The session was handled by me it was on Appmaker.I explained in-depth about how appmaker works and i also explained about different types of bricks presents in the appmaker and their concepts.After explain i told them to develop a simple app and every started developing their own apps.If they have doubts i went to their places and cleared their doubts once my session got over and its time to close the first days session once the session completed we had some snacks and we went our rooms.By the end of the way i was really shocked when i saw the responses that i have got from the participant it was around 75+ appmakes i never ever expected this.

Parallely in other auditorium the session were handled by Shashank(Webmaker Supermentor, Hindi Localizer),Franklin(FSA),Subhash(FSA) Viswaprasath(Rep) Mohan kumar(fsa) and Vikneshwar(fsa) who helped the participants to clear their doubts.

Around 9am we reached the venue and started arrange the laptops so that we can start the session on time.Me and Shashank started the session on localization since we both were active contributors for localization for Telugu and Hindi.After session completed everyone started asking now to start contributing for localization and there were more volunteers who showed their interest in contributing to localization.Once i completed the session Naresh(Mozilla Rep) explained about reps program and indepth about mozilla and its contribution paths.

The next session was handled by sachin singh who is a contributor for mozilla. He started off with an introduction to firefox os and also gave the introduction about how to develop apps for firefox os with the help of different tools like firefox browser or firefox nightly browser,Text editor or Web IDE,firefox os simulator etc…He gave the brief intro about how to enable Web IDE.He also told the story of Hello world app.He also gave the brief intro about Firefox market place,Firefox marketplace developers hub etc.. After this session all the participants started working on the app and how to develop apps and how to upload it into marketplace.

As soon as all the participants finished doing with their apps, the link linking to their apps was submitted by them to a Google Form created by us. Later on all the Appmaker makes were reviewed by Nikhil(Myself), Vishwa and Naresh. On the other hand all the Webmaker makes were being reviewed by Achyuth, Franklin and Shashank.

Once the apps were reviewed two participant from Appmaker and one from Webmaker were selected and they were given a Mozilla T-Shirt by our honored Rep Vishwa prasath.

After the prize distribution we had a feedback session by all the participants.
Now its time for a group pic

As we know without #Thedaminipose the event is incomplete

Here is the etherpad link of Appmaker makes:
Here is the etherpad link of Webmaker makes:


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